Missing Music

One of the most significant downsides to Saudi Arabia… is that I’m not continually surrounded by music. I don’t drive, so I don’t get to hop into a vehicle and turn up my favorite song… You rarely sit in your car at a red light and hear music playing in the car next to yours…

Restaurants don’t play music… there is no music playing in the shopping malls in stores… it’s quiet. At home I am constantly surrounded by music. I must admit that it is nice to go for dinner and not have to speak over music that is sometimes played a bit too loudly. But, I miss the cheerfulness of music playing everywhere… the happy and relaxing coffee shop songs in the morning…

I didn’t bring speakers with me so my iphone/Ipad are the only things that put out a bit of tinny sound… no good bass that’s for sure!!

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to sit and browse through new music either…

And it’s not that Saudi’s don’t like music, because I know they love to sing and dance and Arabic music is beautiful! But, like many things wonderful here in Saudi Arabia, music is also restricted in public by the religious leaders and laws of the country.

But… I want to share a couple songs with you so you get a brief taste of Arabic music. Click the links to listen to a popular modern Arabic music artist, and traditional Arabic music.

Anyways… the restriction of music in public makes the times when music is played in public so much more appreciated!!! And as I update this a year later… I’ve experienced live Arabic music as well as been to parties where it was played… and it is beautiful (although I can’t understand the language) and I love to hear it played!!



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