Cloud 9

August 19, 2014

Week 2… Is it possible I’ve found cloud 9? I didn’t think I would find it in Saudi Arabia… but if feels pretty close right now to what I imagine Cloud 9 feels like!!

I know I’m in the honeymoon phase of Saudi life right now… as everyone keeps reminding me that it will pass… But I have no intention of moving out of the honeymoon phase or of losing my positive and optimistic perspective anytime soon!!! Life is what you make of it… The opportunities you seize… The mood you chose to be in… The way you chose to interact with others…

So… I’ve now finished General Hospital Orientation, General Nursing Orientation, and start Oncology Department skills days soon! Moving along… Getting antsy to actually start working and find out what it’s all about! But I’m enjoying the hours we “work” right now and all the free time in the evenings… And especially the time to hang out and get to know the girls from my orientation group. We’re definitely going to be each other’s closest friends and supports trough the next year or few!!! Friends who GNO together stay together right?!

In celebration of finishing orientations and starting skills days, my friend Sarah (another Canadian YAY from Montreal) and I went to check out Panorama… A mall close to the hospital. And it was here that we completely unintentionally, discovered the lovely brilliant delicious little bits of cloud 9 called macaroons from Lauduree!!!

Sarah was thrilled to find a little macaroon shop here from the famous Paris/French macaroon shop! And I was just excited to try macaroons for the first time.


And oh. My. They. Are. Absolutely. Divine!!!! The orange blossom… Or the rose petal… Or the pistachio… I don’t even know how to pick a favourite!

We finished up the evening with coffee and chocolate cake at the beautiful Versus by Versace Caffee… Red carpets… Fabulous coffee… Mmmm so good! This country definitely knows how to make you feel like a princess!! And… I can understand why everyone talks about the Saudi 10… the 10 lbs you gain on arrival here… we do so much eating out!!! And there are just way too many delicious desserts everywhere!! :S


So… If this is how cloud 9 feels… I definitely never want to leave!!! Can’t wait to see what the next 51 weeks of our first year in Saudi will bring!!! All sorts of wonderful things I’m sure!!!

Feeling happy happy happy!!!!


And that’s all for now… Ma’a Salaama



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