First Embassy Party!!

August 21, 2014

Less than 2 weeks here in Saudi and I went to my first embassy party!!! With the girls from my GNO group!! The lovely Australian girls in the group invited all of us along… And oh we sure do appreciate it!


And… We had a blast!!! First big big night out in Saudi and we got to wear pretty dresses and take off the abaya and dance the night away in the Diplomatic Quarter at the Australian embassy!!!

(Unfortunately, no phones/cameras are allowed in the embassy so we have no pictures of the event… we do have a few pics of ourselves all dolled up before we left for the embassy though!)


On our way to the embassy (8 girls and our driver smushed into one mid-sized SUV) we were so full of energy and excitement!! I think we felt like a bunch of young girls who had just reached legal drinking age headed out to the bar for the first time!! It was amazing! The driver turned up some music and we rocked our way up to the Australian embassy were we spilled out of the vehicle in a flood of enthusiasm and energy and billowy black abayas… which we promptly tore off because it was so blinking hot outside!!!

I’m not sure what I was expecting… I guess it’s hard to know what to expect because who of us has been to an embassy event back home?!!! Australians are a particularly friendly and down to earth group of people… So I didn’t expect anything too extravagant. Plus it’s a BBQ and casual dress was emphasized! However… No-one actually dressed particularly casually… Although there were quite a few guys in jeans and t shirts.

It really was like going to a big BBQ/garden party back home in someone’s back yard. Minus the lawn chairs and add tablecloths and chairs with white seat covers… A dance floor… And waiters… And lots of ladies in pretty dresses! But otherwise it felt really relaxed and comfortable! Not some fancy schmancy hoity toity thing 🙂

The whole event was outdoors, although there was a bar indoors which provided some lovely cool relief from the heat every now and then… Outside, fans circulated a little air and mist… But it’s full on summer here!! And it doesn’t cool down more than a couple degrees in the evenings… So it was well over 40 degrees out still all night long! And we were HOT!!!!

But the food was delicious… we socialized and met so many wonderful people!!! Connected with some lovely girls who also work at KFSHRC… and it was great to get out and be free!!! And to dance too!! Despite the heat, we still had so much fun dancing together (in front of the fan!!!).

It was a really fun evening and I’m so excited for the next one like this!!! So many people are shocked that we’ve so quickly made our way into the expat social life in Riyadh… I guess we’re lucky… And I’m so grateful for that!! Next up… Who knows?! Anything is possible here in the magic kingdom!!

Cheers to Australia!!! and Riyadh! and all the potential this place holds!!!




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