First Wave of Homesickness

August 20, 2014

First really significant wave of homesickness hit me today. I’m surprised it took as long as it did. But I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to be homesick… Thankfully!

But today it hits. And the tears feel like they’re constantly blurring my vision…

I miss hugs from my family… and long chats and “debrief” sessions with my mom after work or just anytime… and “dates” with my little brother… and just playing with my adorable niece and her cuddles and chatter and giggles… and long talks with my sister… wakeboarding with my brothers… debates and discussions with my dad and the whole family getting involved and all riled up…

I miss my friends… hanging out, laughing and having fun together…

I miss running by the river in the sunshine or a slight sprinkle… the mountains and the smell of damp earth and foliage after a refreshing rain… I miss the ocean… I miss Cultus Lake and hanging out on the lake all day with my brothers on the boat…

I miss my work family, the group of absolutely incredible people, the most talented group of nurses I know, the most caring and compassionate individuals I’ve ever been blessed to associate with…

So, today was a skills day. We had a member of the palliative care team come to talk to us about palliative care and symptom management… and the nurses presenting the class knew and highly respected my beloved Dr.B, who worked here not so long ago! This is what triggered the homesickness… Talking about palliative care… My favourite type of nursing… The most fulfilling and rewarding job possible… The job that makes you look at everything in your life with a different perspective and appreciate infinitely more, all the good things in your life and all the wonderful people you hold dear!

Talking about palliative care out here in Saudi made me wish that I had actually chosen to go into palliative care here also, instead of taking a step back from it to delve deeper into Radiation Therapy nursing and other forms of cancer care. But the palliative care here is so different, and so minimal actually. I worry I would have become extremely frustrated and disheartened by it.

So change is good. And I will embrace my new department and all the wonderful new coworkers I’ll have and open my mind to learning many new things here at KFSHRC!

Despite the lengthy list of things I miss from back home, I am so excited and happy to be here in Saudi and learning new things, experiencing things I would never experience at home, enjoying this opportunity of a lifetime… I will return at some point to all the people and things I love… but right now, I’m going to fill that empty hole with many new adventures and life experiences, new knowledge, new friends, my new “work family”… and my life will be full and rich here also!!

So many new opportunities await here… Who knows what I will see in my year here?!! Or what type of education I might gain here??!! The people I will meet… The places I will go… It’s bound to be a great year! And that helps to ease the edge of the homesickness!!



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