Gone caving!

August 20, 2014

So, KFSHRC has a massive campus! Not only is the hospital and all its various buildings completely massive, but theres multiple apartment complexes, support services buildings, training buildings, recreational center, and all sorts of stuff. And then on top of it, theres a large cave park in the corner of the hospital grounds.

My friend Sarah and I decided to go exploring one night and check out the Al Mather, the cave park.

It was warm outside and dark… but the park was well lit. And from the top of the park we could see the lights of the downtown area of Riyadh ahead of us… the cone shaped buildling with bright lights at the top is Faisaliyah Tower… its a beautiful building with a great shopping center and a beautiful restaurant, the Globe, that I have yet to check out yet! one day soon!

imageimageimageAt the bottom of the cave park, was a little lake, fed by a waterfall that spilled down from the top of the park (no clue where the water actually comes from cuz there’s definitely no visible stream feeding it!) But anyways… it was really nice… there is a little boardwalk around the lake and bridge over the waterfall… and nice little walking paths through the “gardens” around it…

imageimageThe park also includes a bunch of BBQ stations… can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so we can have parties here in the park!!

And the view of new King Abdullah Center for Oncology and Liver Disease from here is amazing!! I didn’t realize really how big the buildling is until I stood in the park below it at night and looked up at it! 19 floors strictly for cancer care and liver disease care! Currently the buildling is still under construction, and I’m supposed to be working there eventually… once it opens… hopefully this year yet, although it looks like it will be sometime next year for sure… Insha’Allah.

imageSo… it was a great walk. I tried to google the history of the cave park… and what the caves really are from… but google wasn’t particularly helpful in this case. So I really couldn’t tell you much about the park other than that its lovely for an evening walk and for BBQ’s once the weather is cooler 🙂

The end.



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