Paul’s Perfection

August 23, 2014

Before arriving in Saudi Arabia, I had read about a fabulous coffee shop in Riyadh, called Paul.

Now, I love coffee shops!! And one of the things I miss most about home is being able to get in my car and drive to a coffee shop and sit there and study or read or relax with friends…

So I was really eager to try this coffee shop out! So, about 9 of us girls from my GNO group crammed into one small SUV one Saturday afternoon and headed off to Tahlia street.

The front of the shop is the cutest little, very French looking bakery!! Black and white checkered floor, chandeliers, and pastry cases filled with tempting treats of decadent deliciousness!!!


Behind the bakery is the restaurant, which is where we found ourselves seat to enjoy coffee and some dinner before desert!

Cappuccino… Ohhhhh so delicious!! With a teensy little loaf cake on the side. So good!!!!


Followed by a refreshing crab and salmon salad! Mmmm nom nom!!


Pause briefly for prayer. This is going to take a while to get used to!! The restaurant sort of closes during prayer… Like everything else! You can’t get in or out. You can’t order any food because there are no servers around. And you have to make sure you’ve got everything you need before prayer time starts so that you can just eat and relax through it… About 20-30minutes, depending on the place. Anyways. We were fine. We had our food, so we just sat and ate and chatted through dinner and prayer time.

imageimageSo… finally… Dessert. The famous Millefouille…(The dessert we call a vanilla slice at home). One of Paul’s best selling treats… It is all flakey pastry and smooth creamy vanilla filling… And fresh strawberries on mine… Absolutely perfect!


And the best part of the whole experience, was relaxing with my GNO girls… Getting to know them more. Everyone says that your friends from GNO will be the friends you stay the closest with throughout your time in Saudi. And I believe it! These girls are amazing! Heaps of fun! Plus we’re all getting started together and experiencing the same frustrations, losses… And joys of being in a new country and having an absolutely amazing experience!


And thanks to Paul for bringing us all together for this wonderful evening of food and laughter and delightfulness!!

returning soon!!!!!



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