Ahhh Timmy’s!!!!!

September 2, 2014

The adventures of two Canadian girls in Riyadh continues…

So… today our adventures take us to yet another shopping center… Granada… for the primary purpose of finding the single, solitary Tim Horton’s in Riyadh.

We’ve heard of this mythical place… but have yet to see it. And two Canadians in Riyadh will sniff out this place for sure!!

We took a cab to Granada which was actually a bit of a treck out more to the edges of the city, about a 30min drive. We thought about it… dinner first vs. Tim Hortons first. What a silly question. Obviously we have to find the Tim Hortons first!!

And then as we wandered through the mall… trying to pretend that we were interested in the variety of clothing shops… but really not being interested at all because we were so focused on finding the Tim Hortons… we picked up the scent of freshly brewed coffee… and like a pair of bloodhounds we were on the trail… and it led us directly to this…

imageimageNotice how supremely thrilled we are??!! That is legitimate excitement!!!!

Now… big difference between this Tim Hortons and every other Tim Hortons I’ve ever been in… are the big walls and serious gender segregation. (Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but in Saudi, genders are segregated and most restaurants will have a separate section for families and for single (singles being men only). image

But… there were still racks of donuts… and the coffee aroma… absolutely mouthwatering!!! I was literally about the start chocking on my won saliva (to quote my roomie Kalitta!!)


Now, I’m usually a Starbucks kind of girl. I like my fancy drinks with no foam vanilla syrup soy milk blah blah blah. Not really. But I do love a good cappuccino or latte or Americano from Starbucks! Regardless. There is just something about being a Canadian, in Riyadh, finding a Tim Hortons… and absolutely savoring that cup of coffee like you’re drinking a cup full of home!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!

It reminds me of road trips with friends and family. And of early mornings going to the flower auction with my dad when I was a kid and getting a donut while he ordered an English coffee (aka English toffee but he never gets it right! haha) Stopping for coffee and a toasted everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese after a long nightshift… oh things like this make me miss home!!!

But… then I remember that I’m here, in Riyadh, having this absolutely incredible life experience… with a great friend. And now we are making a new, completely unique and wonderful Tim Horton’s memory. One that we’ll take home with us and think back on years down the road with absolute fondness!!

So… Tim… Horton…thankyou for making Sarah and I absolutely incandescently happy today!!!!


Long sip… Looooong sigh. Mmmmm so delicious!!!!!!

The end.

Love your Canadian in Riyadh!!

(Ps: it is now a few weeks later… I’m still greatly behind on my blogging!! But I finally have a percolater coffee pot… So it is definitely time to make another trip to Tim Hortons to get a container of coffee to brew at home!!!)

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