A Roof with a View

September 5, 2014

As a British Columbia girl living in Riyadh, one of the things I’ve really noticed, is how flat flat FLAT Riyadh is!!!

No mountains. Not even any hills really. If there are hills, they’re generally manmade!

There are definitely some beautiful tall buildings… but in general, the majority of them are only a couple stories tall. So talk about urban sprawl!!!

Anyways… somehow, it was discovered that we can get up onto the roof of our apartment complexes… So one lazy Thursday afternoon, I went over to my friend’s complex and we went up to the rooftop to enjoy an alochol-free drink and watch the sunset…

As I walked over to E complex (opposite side of the hospital campus from my home in C complex), I walked past the new King Abdullah Center for Oncology and Liver Disease… which will hopefully be my new home some day soon, Insha’Allah!! The sunset around this towering building was wonderful… I imagine the view from the 19th floor once the center is open, will be quite wonderful!! And I do love a room with a view!!!


I also love a good non-alcoholic beer on the roof too when it’s toasty out like it is now!!!


Even though the building is only 5 stories tall… we really had a wonderful view of the city as the sun slowly faded away and the lights came out.


Riyadh tends to be a little dirty and dusty during the day. But at night it is gorgeous!! So many brilliant lights… and so many colored lights. It’s a sparkling gem at night!


And from the hospital campus, we have a great view of Kingdom Center and Al Faisaliah Tower also, two of the most significant landmarks in Riyadh. Fun fact of the day: Kingdom Center is  the 3rd tallest buildling in the world with a hole in it! (notice the “bottle opener shaped building” on the Left in the picture above… that is Kingdom Center, and the tall pointy building with purple lights on the right… that is Al Faisaliah Tower.)

And of course… the view of the North Tower of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center is pretty great from up here on the roof too!!!And the new King Abdullah Center for Oncology and Liver Disease… currently under construction… There is a ton of construction on-going at the hospital and it’s very dusty and dirty and not so pretty during the day. But at night it is a whole different story!


Anyways… it was a little on the windy side up there… but the breeze was lovely as it’s still scorchingly hot out these days… no cool crisp September air here!!

And… it was great to hang out with my girl Erilee and chit chat and watch the sun set and the lights come on! Great start to what promises to be another great weekend in the Kingdom! (Also, a side note: really loving the whole every weekend off and office hours during the week lifestyle!! Certainly beats shift work!!!)

Now… let the weekend festivities begin!!





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