The Day in which Annemarie and Vivian Reconnect in Saudi Arabia

September 6, 2014

There is nothing quite as enjoyable here… as having your gal pal from work back home come to work in the same country as you… half a world away from home!!!

I am so happy to have my lovely friend and colleague from the BC Cancer Agency back home, here now, in KSA, working and living at the same hospital as me!

Vivian and I talked about working in Saudia Arabia at least a year and a half ago… I had applied to come out here and work, but shelved plans as life happened. However, when Vivian applied for a job and was hired last March, I was extremeley envious!! And then life happened again… and I again applied and got a job and somehow ended up in Saudia Arabia nearly a month before Vivian.

Anyways… it is wonderful to have a friend here with whom you share common ground and experiences and interests and knowledge!

Obviously, things are much different here in Saudi Arabia. Our role as nurses is different, especially here in Radiation Clinic, and especially due to the language barrier. However, it will be interesting to help develop some policies and protocols for symptom management, if possible, as we have these all implemented back home, but here they have yet to be developed! So… hopefully Vivian and I will be a force for change!

Anyways… to catch up, Vivian and I went to Le Notre, a French Cafe at Centria Mall, with a few girls from her GNO group, and a friend from my GNO group… to have a nice welcoming night out in Riyadh for them, and so that Vivian and I could catch up a little on life!


The food was delicious… the company even better… and the view was beautiful! We sat outside on the patio at Le Notre… it was a bit on the toasty side and the misters were too far away to do us much good. But it was still very enjoyable!!!


And once again… one of the highlights of the evening… was finding a full size Laduree shop… the best macaroons in the world for sure!!! My friend Sarah and I may be slightly obsessed with Laduree macaroons!!! Absolutely delightful! The orange blossom and rose macaroons are a little bit of light airy crumbly delectableness!!!


So… beautiful shop… will be returning one day to sit and relax here while eating a macaroon or 5!!! And just a lovely evening in general! So happy to have good friends in this place!!!



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