Riyadh’s Got Talent

September 12, 2014

Riyadh’s Got Talent. Really. It does!! And my co-workers are extremely talented!

On the menu for this weekend’s fun times is: a talent show… to raise money for the Healing Hands Foundation in the Philippines.


A few of my coworkers sing/play in a band called the Phat Ninjas. And they’re amazing!! They were playing at the talent show… So I got tickets and went to go see them sing/play at the West Campus Hall on the King Faisal Hospital grounds.

I joined a whole bunch of friends there who I either work with or play hockey with… and it was so great to see everyone all dressed up and having a good time!!

image image image

Eventually we were bound to get a good picture! Haha. Love these two ladies!!! (Kelly… the girl in the middle, is supremely talented and played the piano, guitar, sings fabulously, and probably more that I don’t know about yet!)


Andy and Kelly… two of the band members… both Radiation Therapists… wonderfully talented musicians and just generally amazing human beings!!!! Never a dull moment when they’re around!!

imageimageNow to the really good stuff… the music!!! The Phat Ninjas were amazing! Really! They played a fantastic version of Armin Van buuren’s very popular song “This is What it Feels Like” as well as some Lady Gaga. And a whole bunch more that I unfortunately wasn’t able to stick around for…


There was a rather hilarious moment when, at the exact moment I reached up to take a massive group selfie, the lights went out and the music stopped… bit of an electrical/power failure. Apparently we were too electric to handle??

Below… with lights and music…


Then… Sans music or fun colorful electric lights…


Anyways… this was a bunch of the crew at Riyadh’s Got Talent. Oh I thoroughly enjoy this group of people! I am so blessed to have met them all and become friends with them!!


Ahh… it was a lot of fun! Stayed tuned for more talent from Riyadh… more jam sessions and music headed your way!!

Much love,


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