The Process… including BLS class

September 18, 2014

One thing I’ve learned about Saudi Arabia… everything is a process… a generally fairly lengthy and slow moving process… and there’s a process for the process for the process!

In order to technically work and stay in Saudi Arabia, I’m required to have a Saudi Arabian nursing license… like I would back home in Canadian (except that’s a Canadian nursing license obviously!). And in order to get my Saudi Council for Health Specialities license… I need to be BLS certified.

Of course I just renewed my CPR/BLS back home… but apparently Canadian CPR isn’t good enough?! Only American Heart Association BLS is accepted… So I signed up for the course… along with a bunch of girls from my GNO group…

It was actually a rather fun class. For starters… my friend Yin taught the class… and there was plenty of practice and laughs…


Here I go… going deep… giving good, quality CPR!!
imageIt was a warm classroom and we definitely got a decent workout in!!! Those 30 compressions to 2 breaths definitely are a good cardio workout… hahaha. No pun intended. But really. Both for the giver of BLS and the reciever who is getting some good cardiac massage and such.

And then we moved onto the kiddies… the glee on my friend Moira’s face as she pounded that kids back… haha


Anyways… the class was fun… we all passed. Fortunately, I’ve already been approved for my Saudi Council license already (my BLS booking was enough…) but for the rest of the girls… now they can move onto the next phase of their license application process.

Also… another reason this license is so important… we need it in order to get our iqama (our Saudi Residency Permit)… and we need an iqama in order to stay in Saudi…

And so… off I go to apply for my iqama…



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