The Ritzy Ritz-Carlton Experience

September 13, 2014

A much too early morning… but, if I want to join my early bird colleagues for a fabulous breakfast at the Ritz-Carlton, then I guess it’s worth it?! Who goes for breakfast at 8am on a Saturday morning in Riyadh anyways??!!

But really, how to describe the absolute fabulousness of breakfast this morning… Despite being up at the crack of dawn, only about 3 cracks after I went to sleep…

It was absolutely amazing!!! The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh is absolutely stunning… the fountains, the gardens, the architecture, all the brilliantly shining marble, the shimmering chandeliers, all the beautiful shades of purple and gold in the restaurant, the beautiful fountains and gardens as we drove up the long drive to the hotel, and the beautiful garden view from our table at the restaurant too… It was wonderful! So worth the early wakeup!!


A golden horse in the lobby??!! Awesome!!! This calls for a #goldenhorseselfie imageimage

I met my colleagues in the lobby of the hotel… surrounded by beauty everywhere! (I took along my friend Sarah from GNO for the experience also… because anything this wonderful is always best when experienced with your best friend in Saudi!


We were ushered to beautiful little nook in front of large windows with views of the garden… and we proceeded to spend the next several hours filling our faces, sipping on coffees and chit chatting with each other and just enjoying the whole experience!


Started off breakfast with an absolutely beautiful cappuccino… my favourite relaxed Saturday morning sipper…


Now for the food… where to begin… with the beautiful bread table filled with heaps of fresh loaves and rolls and cute little butter dishes with butter pressed into the Ritz-Carlton lion symbol? A table full of mouthwatering carby-ness?


Or the hot buffet with many dishes of eggs, sausages, fake bacon (no piggy meat allowed in this country unfortunately), pancakes, waffles, steamed veggies, noodles (who eats noodles for breakfast by the way??!) and all sorts of other delectables… And a chef to make an omelet for you too??!

(I’m pretty sure the baggage guys are going to need to roll me out of this place on a cart… cuz I’m definitely not going to be able to move after all this!!!)


Then… the freshly squeezed juice bar! So refreshing and delicious! The lovely green lemon&mint juice was definitely my favourite!!

image image

And finally… deserts… or all things sweet… mueslies and yogurts, fresh fruit… heaps of fresh fruit, pastries… so many delectable morsels… and even fresh honey straight from a honeycomb! Oh it was amazing!!!


Ahh… the food was just absolutely divine!!!

The best part of the morning most definitely, was spending time with my coworkers and getting to know them all a bit more and just relaxing in luxury together. Many laughs… many pictures…


Many cups of coffee and plates of food later… we left the restaurant and walked back through the beautiful hotel, our shoes clicking against the shiny marble floor…


to the lobby, past the golden horses and the beautiful flower arrangements…


and outside to wait by the fountains for our driver…

image image image

It was so peaceful and relaxing outside by the fountains… not to mention beautifully warm… the sound of the water… the beautiful gardens everywhere… absolutely lovely! I can’t wait to come back here again and actually check out the gardens more!!

Also… I loved all the detailing in the exterior architecture of the hotel! Stunning!!!

image image

And so… our driver showed up… and off we went… down the long, palm tree lined drive… away from this beautiful place!!

image image

We will be back very soon!! Insha’allah!

And so ends a fabulous breakfast in the Kingdom… what a great way to finish off the weekend… It’s definitely nap time for Annemarie now!!! Or pool time!!!

Much love,



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