Saudi National Day

September 23, 2014

Happy Saudi National Day!! Mubarek Saudi Arabia!! Today is the 84th Saudi National Day!


image It is celebrated every September 23, however, it was considered haram for some time, and it wasn’t actually even official or officially celebrated until a few years ago when King Abdullah pushed for the official celebration of the day, based on proven facts that it was celebrated earlier in the country’s history.

I wish I could say that I went out and fully celebrated this day… but unfortunately I’d heard that the city kind of goes crazy and its a great day to get in a severe car accident… not exactly on my bucket list for today…

People apparently drive in droves into the city and head downtown and drive around everywhere… like even greater lunatics than usual… and as if the traffic wasn’t bad enough already… the streets are absolutely packed on this day! So I stayed put in the safety of the hospital compound for the day.


The hospital had green and white balloons everywhere and various displays and celebrations for Saudi National Day… I managed to snag a rose and a flag near the end of the day…

And… I enjoyed a coffee at Starbucks with my nursing girlfriends… (note  how the colors of the Starbucks sign are actually perfectly Saudi… all the green??!! You’d almost think it was a Saudi company, not an American one!)


Even the hospital cafeteria was celebrating Saudi National Day with a menu of traditional Saudi foods… lots of Kabsa(rice with spices and meat and such, probably one of the most traditional Saudi foods)… and just so much food in general!! This country is going to make me gain WAY too much weight. All the carbs!!! So delicious tho… but I can understand the obesity problem in this country now when almost every dish is served with a significant amount of white rice and we all know white rice is not the healthiest of carbs!!


Anyways… it was delicious!!!


The sky was pretty green at night… Riyadh at night is a beautiful place that shines with many colorful lights in general… but tonight in honor of Saudi National Day… the lights were green everywhere, especially on Kingdom Tower!

So… next year, if I’m still here… I’ll definitely be going out to celebrate this day!!

Masalama for now…



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