Typical Girls Nights Out…

September 24, 2014


I apologize for the lateness of these posts (It is already November as I’m writing this…) I’m struggling to get this blog completely up to date… but I think I’m making some headway…

On a side note… since it is November 15th as I write this… I’m listening to Spotify radio and it is amazing!!! I was finally able to download and activate my account… So I have good tunes while I blog! Yay!!!

Anyways… so this post is just another newsy-this-is-what-i-did-on-September-24-post…

Shopping… it’s a favorite past-time of almost all women anywhere in the world… but I think in Saudi women probably shop infinitely more than any other women in the world. For starters, there are huge shopping centers on nearly every corner… and then there’s really not that much that women can easily do here in Saudi, so they shop.

Sarah and I went to Kingdom Center to go shopping… nothing but beautiful shoes and handbags in mind…but as neither of us had had dinner yet and as it was nearly prayer time and all the shops would shut down… we decided to check out Elements at the Four Seasons Hotel (which is located in Kingdom Center) and have dinner while we waited for everything to open up again.

What we didn’t realize, is that Elements is a really really great buffet and we’d spend the entire evening eating and hanging out at the restaurant rather than getting much shopping done!!

Elements is an international cuisine buffet… it’s gorgeous and the food is amazing… especially the “puddings” as my aussie and kiwi friends say. (The desserts… as the rest of the world says…) We may have absolutely stuffed our faces on sushi, indian food, saudi food, salads, and fabulous deserts…


So much absolutely delicious food, although my sweet tooth probably seriously favored the desert buffet!!

And check this out… beautiful flower arrangements and chandelier in the lobby of the restaurant. Beautiful… extravagant… amazing!!image

Anyways… After much food… many laughs and absolutely wonderful conversation, Sarah and I left the restaurant to go shopping for a little bit… but not before we sampled some delicious Saudi coffee and dates… and got a photo of the coffee guy in his traditional attire!!


(May I just insert in here that I am so extremely happy to have made a friend like Sarah!! We’re both Canadian, both work in very similar fields of nursing and are extremely passionate about we do! We have similar life experiences that have led us to be here. And although we are hugely different in some cultural/religious aspects, we share so many similar values and beliefs… and I am so blessed to have made a friend like her… right from the beginning of my time here in Saudi! And to share all these new and exciting experiences with someone else who is also new and supremely enthusiastic about it all… it’s wonderful!)

So… carrying on… Kingdom Center has a ladies floor!! The best part about this shopping center for sure. It is on the top floor of the mall, staffed by only women, and only women are allowed on the 3rd floor! The shops all have dressing rooms… truly wonderful!!! And there are some fabulous shops… such as Saks Fifth Avenue and such…


On the 2nd floor… there are a great number of wonderful shops also that I only dream of being able to actually afford to shop at… like Christian Louboutin, Chanel, etc…


So for now I’ll just pose with a pair of Loubs that maybe someday, I’ll own… Inshallah.


And that is the end of our wonderful evening of fabulous food and even more fantastic company…

So Masalama for now

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