Racing with the Riyadh Road Runners

October 10, 2014

Today… I ran my first race since high school (and high school didn’t count because I wasn’t a runner and was coerced into running a 1600 meter run for track & field because no one else wanted to do it!)

So… I’d heard about Riyadh’s running clubs before I arrived in the country and had been looking forward to joining one… as since high school I have turned into a bit of a runner…

And I finally joined the group… the Riyadh Road Runners! Now, I thought it was a social running club… but it’s not. This is a group of highly competitive and ridiculously fast individuals!!

But a challenge is good right??!?!

And I can’t believe I’m running in the desert! At home I’m one of those people who “can’t run” as soon as the temperature is above 20 degrees… or below 10. (That might be a bit of an exaggeration… haha)

So, I woke up early on the weekend… even stayed in on Thursday night so I’d be fit to run Friday morning… at 8am! Drove out a lovely compound about 30minutes from the hospital… with a couple girls… pumped to be running our first race of the “season!”

Pre race selfie:


It was a beautiful day… cool in the morning… but it rapidly got warmer once the sun was fully out and we were running!

The race co-ordinators did a great job of getting everyone totally pumped up at the starting line… we would run 4 laps of the compound in order to run the full 10km race.

Unfortunately I was just getting over a nasty cold, so my running game wasn’t as on par as it could have been! But it was still heaps of fun!! I raced like a mad woman for the last couple hundred meters to the finish line!! (Not my actual time listed below… Just FYI :D)


It was amazing!!! I was so energetic and excited and riding a bit of a runners high after I finished that race!! I’m not a morning runner usually… but it’s a beautiful thing to get up so early in the morning and get a good run in!!!

The girls I ran with are amazing as well… they’re so inspiring and motivating and encouraging! I thoroughly enjoyed running this race with them!


So… first race was a success… can’t wait for the next one!!!


As a side note… the pool here is lovely!! A dip after the race would have been gorgeous!! Next time definitely!!

imageAnd I can’t believe it’s October already and things are starting to get chilly at home and we’re still loving 30+ degree weather every day and heaps of sunshine!!! I do love this weather here!!!! Not missing the rain or the cold at all!!

Anyways… more to come on the RRR!! 😀 Many more races to be done!



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