The Globe = Princess Life

October  2014

The Globe. The beautiful shining ball near the top of Faisaliyah Tower. The restuarant that every expat in Riyadh must try at some point in their lifetime in Riyadh. The ultimate view of the Riyadh skyline.

On a whim, my friend Sarah and I decided to go to the Globe for dinner one night as we had nothing else to do and both of us were dying to check it out for ourselves! Fortunately, it was during Hajj, so the restaurant was quiet and we were easily able to get a reservation for that same night.

We were dropped off at the base of Faisaliyah tower… whisked up an elevator that was swayed every so slightly… to one of the highest floors… where we stepped out of the elevator and into another open, glass elevator that whisked us up a couple more floors into the Globe.

The elevator doors opened and in front of us lay the beautiful, shining, sparkling city of Riyadh in all its glory. It was absolutely breathtaking!!!


The restaurant was quite dark, highlighting the beauty of the Riyadh skyline.


The service was absolutely phenomenal. We felt pampered from the moment we arrived at the restaurant. We were ushered to seats on the edge of the floor, near the outside of the Globe so we had an unobstructed view of the city.

image We ordered delicious (non-alocholic) drinks… and recieved beautiful qail egg appetizers (on the house) to start… along with a mound of beautiful fresh bread!


I also savoured a beautifully smooth and creamy potato soup with salmon…


Followed by a melt-in-your-mouth duck fois gras…


The main course was absolutely delectable. I had the best roast lamb I’ve ever had in my life!!!!! Crusted with herbs and pistachios… it was incredible!!


And then to finish… a beautiful creme brulee and specialty coffee (unfortunately non-alcoholic again).


Every mouthful was an absolute ecstasy! My taste buds were singing. Every sense was overwhelmed. The beautiful view. The gentle classical music in the background. The overwhelmingly gorgeous tastes of the food. And enjoying it all with my lovely friend Sarah who was enjoying it all just as much as me.


After our meal, the host, who was supremely friendly and helpful, offered us a table up in the cigar lounge (one floor up at the very top of the Globe) so we could linger a while longer. Unfortunately all the tables were full, so instead he took us down to the observation deck so we could look out over the city and even took pictures for us!!!


After we’d had our fill of the beautiful view… and the strong winds, he took us back up to the Globe and presented us with beautiful grape juice cocktails and Saudi coffee while we waited for our driver to come pick us up.


It was an absolutely phenomenal experience. Next time will most likely be different as the view the first time, is definitely what makes the experience so much more special. But… I know I will thoroughly enjoy every time that I visit this place!! Next time for high tea perhaps?!

As a note… the Globe is really expensive… it’s not an every weekend kind of place to go to… but it is definitely worth it to go check it out as it’s more than just food… it’s the whole experience!!! More “reviews” of great Riyadh restaurants to come… but for now… check out Blue Abaya’s post on the top 10 restaurants in Riyadh!

Now for the next chapter in princess life… (Just kidding… I’m no princess!! But I do feel like I’m living a dream sometimes here!!!)




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