A Perfect Day…

January 22-February 14, 2015

When I originally booked my leave to come back home, I specifically chose dates where I figured the weather would be good at home for… Snowboarding!!! End of January, beginning of February typically tend to be quite cold and there’s plenty of snow and fresh snowfall up on the mountains…

This year was no ordinary year though. When I arrived at the end of January, there was little to no snow on the mountains. Some local ski hills hadn’t even opened for the season. And even big mountains like Whistler-Blackcomb were struggling.

But… February 9 at home in British Columbia is family day… and my dad, little brother and I decided that even though the snow was shit, we all had the day off together… and we might as well go check out the slopes and have some fun anyways… and spent some quality family time together (since we rarely get to do that now that I’m living on the other side of the world!)

So… we headed up to the mountains early in the morning… stopped for a Tim Hortons coffee and breakfast bagels (a tradition anytime we “roadtrip” with dad!!)… and drove up to Manning Park Resort, about a 1 hour drive from our hometown.


It was cloudy when we arrived. The snow was shit. It was wet, and slushy… and it even rained a little bit in the morning. At least it wasn’t icy!


But in the afternoon, the sun came out… and the view from the top of the mountain over the surrounding mountains was GORGEOUS!!! Everything is just such a deep blue, and rich green… contrasting with the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds and snowy mountaintops…


Honestly, we had so much fun!!!! We all love just zipping down hill… me on my snowboard and Dad and Eric on skis. We’d compete to see who could get to the bottom first. Dad didn’t last on the hills as long as Eric and I did… he headed off for nap time at one point… but Eric and I stayed out til almost the last minute… just getting in one more run… and then maybe one more yet…


And that feeling of going swish swish swish… back and forth… snow spraying from under my board… the crisp air on my face… the sharp, woody smell of pine trees… the sun soaking through my dark pants and jacket… the gentle swaying of the chairlift… and the quiet. Nothing but an occasional holler from someone having a good time and the sound of skis and snowboarding scraping across the snow… trees rustling a bit in a gentle breeze. It is amazing. I love this feeling!!!

I was sad when the day ended… I wish I could have more days like this! Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until next season to do this again…and next year… I’m going snowboarding for a week!! Maybe somewhere in France? or Switzerland?? Or back home with my family… ideal scenario!

Regardless… I’ll be back in half a year again with my family and we will have many lovely family days then as it will be summer vacation and everyone will be keen to spend days at the lake and hiking and just generally outdoors!!

So… when we got home, we were all exhausted from all the fresh air and activity… but it was such a good tired. The kind of tired that makes you curl up in front of the fire with a good book, a specialty coffee prepared by daddy dear (filled with all sorts of delicious booze to warm your insides), and just thoroughly relax and luxuriate in the warm, homey feeling!!

It really was… a perfect day!



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