Back to the Sandpit

February 12, 2014

A sad day for me. A very sad day. I’ve been tearing up everytime I think of this day for a while now. I felt like I barely got home and every time I thought of leaving again it broke my heart. I want to get back to work and stop lazing around doing nothing productive accept eating and drinking and socializing… but I really really don’t want to leave my family yet. 3 weeks was not nearly enough time with them. Especially since the next time I see them will be the end of July.

I know 5 months will go fast because time just flies in Saudi. I’m always super busy and work long hours. Plus… my social life is very active and the weekends are always packed with events. So weeks turn into months and months turn into a year very quickly!

Anyways. On a dreary, drippy, grey Thursday morning, I left home with my family, and we headed off to Seattle to drop me off at the airport. My niece jabbered away much of the trip… and then fell asleep… and Mashallah she’s so precious when she sleeps. Anytime actually. But especially when she’s asleep.


We had to stop and get some home supplies for my sister… somewhere in Bellingham… had a nice little wander in the misty rainfall with my niece and dad and little brother…

At the airport, I checked in, and then sat with my family enjoying one last coffee together. It was really hard… what do you say to the people you’re abandoning again??!! You’re all caught up on the details of everyones lives… and you don’t want to get into a big discussion or debate… and there was so much sadness just hovering below the surface that we mostly just sat there in silence.


When it was officially time for me to go, my family walked alongside me all the way through the security line until they absolutely couldn’t go any further, and then they made sure they were standing somewhere, waving to me, until I passed through security and had to turn away and go to my gate. That was heartbreaking. I’m struggling to type through my tears right now just remembering… never mind actually being there and walking away. When I first moved to Saudi Arabia, it was hard to leave, but I was so caught up in the adventure ahead… this time, I’m homesick already and I haven’t even left yet!!!

But… reset my mind. I’m off to Saudi, the land I love at the moment… my current home… and there are so many great experiences ahead of me again. And time really passes by infinitely quicker than I think it will…

So goodbye to my beloved family and friends… Inshallah I’ll be seeing you all again soon in only a few short months!!! xo


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