24 Hours in Dubai

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!!! To all my single peoples out there… I hope you’re as blissfully and independently happy as I am today!!!

I arrived in Dubai late on Friday the 13th… I felt like a little country bumpkin riding in the back of the taxi through Dubai. So many towering, brilliantly lit up buildings… all the glitz, glamour and intrigue that is Dubai…









And my hotel… one word: GORGEOUS!!! The Grosvenor House Dubai is like no house I’ve ever stayed in. It takes 5 star to a whole new level!!! I mean… a lot of 5 stars in Dubai are infinitely beyond 5 star hotels anywhere else in the world… but for my first stay in Dubai… this hotel was incredible!!


I felt so welcomed from the moment I stepped in… and luxurious and pampered!!! They seated me in the lounge with a beautiful view of all the lovely Valentines day displays… and a complimentary drink (non-alcoholic unfortunately)… and upgraded me to a gorgeous corner suite towering high above the Dubai Marina with views of the Marina but also of Palm and Jumeirah Beach!









The views were STUNNING from my balcony. A blue glow from all the blue lights lining the hotel. Bright lights, dark water, towering skyscrapers… In awe. Speechless. That’s what I am right now.

imageimageimageimageSo… I had friends spending the weekend in Dubai so I was meant to meet up with them. However… they’d all be out all day to the brunches and such, so by 10pm they were unreachable. I predicted this and therefore booked a hotel that I knew would have a great bar(s) that I could easily go to on my own.

And that’s what I did. I relaxed and enjoyed a good G&T on the balcony of my room, taking in the view…imageimage

And then I went down to the Buddha Bar Dubai… on the main floor of the hotel. Red carpets. Velvet ropes. A doorman… who wasn’t letting anyone in anymore, including the couple girls begging him for entrance. I was a bit bummed when I heard him refusing, but when I told him it was just me on my own and I just wanted a drink at the bar, he ushered me right in and introduced me to the host, Fernando.

The host ushered me through the dimly lit halls and into a big room with a giant Buddha statute at the end.


He settled me at the bar and then came back with a couple guys to introduce to me. And the night was off. They handed me a glass of wine and introduced me to their group. I met a couple absolutely lovely girls and we had such a brilliant night. It was so much fun meeting all these new people! Relaxing, easy going, beautiful, bubbles and laughter… Honestly, I was so anxious about going on my own… but it turned out to be such a super fun night. Met so many great people. And now I remember why it’s actually not a bad thing to travel on your own! It pushes you so far out of your comfort zones… and makes you so much more open to new people and new experiences…


The next morning… well let’s just say it was a bit rough. But… I woke up to a gorgeous view. Sat on my balcony overlooking the Dubai marina… the water sparkling like a million emeralds… Went for a wee walk in the marina…

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageEnjoyed a beautiful Turkish coffee at the hotel… along with a beautiful red rose… cuz today is Valentine’s Day now!!


I felt so blissfully, unashamedly, indepentendly happy and pampered and relaxed. Just the way any single girl should feel on Valentines day. Obviously one day I’d love to not spend Valentines alone… but I am so happy being me… loving this life where I am free to do what makes me happy without significant responsibilites or obligations… free to travel the world and build relationships around the world… free to build a career and work towards achieving my goals with only myself to potentially hold me back… and time to evolve and become the best version of me…


Anyways… that was the end of my 24 hours in Dubai. I headed back to the airport and back to Saudi Arabia again… Working in the morning. Ugh.

Next time I come to Dubai I will do a bit more sightseeing… and hopefully it will be for longer than 24 hours. Because this city is awesome!!!!

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