Blissful moments

The pure beautiful moments that exist at home…

My favourite vanilla bean blend coffee… it’s warm luscious aroma lighting up my mornings… welcoming me home like almost nothing else does. Soaking up the sunshine on the patio in my sweats and slippers acquired in some vacation spot during my year away… the sun rays saturate my skin and warm me to the bone (rather than baking me and turning me into a hot sweaty mess like the Saudi sun does!)… the light fresh clean, green morning air gently flipping my hair…

 Evening sunshine, a fresh gentle breeze, light rustling of leaves, the rumble of a passing motorbike… A crisp glass of sparkling white wine, it’s bubbles dancing and irridescent in their happiness… And well written book whose eloquence makes my imagination take flight and whisks me away to a small village outside Bombay. Shantaram. Man of peace or man of Gods peace. The book I’ve been meaning to read for months but just now at home, have to time savour each precious word!

And all of this with my family around me, pausing in my reading at times to join a vivid discussion… Or share a particularly impressive passage from my reading…

Homey. Cozy. Blissful. Calm. Happy. Peace.

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