Once upon the start of happily ever after…

July 31, 2016

Once upon a time… my brother fell in love with the gorgeous sister of one of his best friends… they dated for a couple years through high school and after… got engaged… bought a house… And now today… we celebrate their wedding and the start of their happily ever after!!

I stressed for months over when and how I’d get to come home to attend this wedding… and thankfully I made it in time. Of course, in the end,  nothing would have stopped me from being here with them!!

IMG_0068After a couple nights of family dinners, BBQ’s and rehearsal dinner… the wedding morning arrived. Full brunch with all the boys and family…

I think I might have subjected my brother to his first selfie… on his wedding day. Perhaps he was more tolerant of my nonesense than usual. Anyways… happy wedding day brother!!!


Family pictures in the afternoon… It was absolutely ridiculously warm out. I know… I come from Saudi… should be used to the heat. But 35 degrees plus humidity… plus black suits or fancy dresses… it’s uncomfortable to put it mildly! We were pretty excited to have it all over with so we could go sit in the relative coolness of the church for the wedding ceremony!!!

IMG_4900 IMG_4901IMG_4898IMG_4897

The ceremony was lovely…

No tears during the ceremony, but pretty sure my sister and I were both a mess in the receiving line when we hugged our brother and welcomed his bride into the family!! I don’t know what it is about weddings?!!

IMG_4910And the reception was wonderful. Pretty decorations. Simple. Warm. Classy. Delicious food!!! No awful speeches/toasts (aka roasts) to the bride or groom… just lovely, thoughtful sharing of stories and feelings. Lots of time to socialize with family from near and far… plenty of laughter and love and happiness… exactly the way I think a wedding vibes should be!

IMG_4908 IMG_4905 And at the end of the day… we said goodbye to the happy couple and sent them on their way to start their honeymoon and their life together… Congratulations you two!!


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