Oregon Coast Part 2: Dunes and Devil’s Churn

Mid August 2015

Part 2 of our trip had us spending a couple nights in Waldport Oregon, further down the coast and nearer to the coastal sand dunes of Oregon.

Waldport was a pretty unremarkable seaside town, but it was a great place to stop and spend a couple nights. On our first night we went on a walk to the beach and ended up nearly sliding our way down a very steep and sandy hill…

We found a nature’s teeter-totter, made out of driftwood, that ended with me falling off onto a sharp piece of diftwood and piercing my ear quite unintentionally. What a bloody mess. Really. But such a good laugh and worth the pain!

Relaxing family time spent reading books… cooking dinner together… just relaxing outside in the fresh air…

Day number 4 of the trip, we drove a couple hours drive further south along some incredibly windswept coastline into the dune land near Florence, Oregon.

Beautiful white sand dunes… blue skies… and the faintly blue ocean out in the distance after a strip of dusty green scrub brush…

Rented a 4 person Razor so dad and little brother and I could all be together and went screaming up and down the dunes! Oh it made me miss Saudi a little! Although Saudi definitely doesn’t have these gorgeous ocean views out in the sand dunes! It was a lot of fun… but I must say, this sand is harder to drive in than Saudi sand! Or maybe the Razor I drove in Saudi had a little more power? :S Great fun though!!!



Next stop was for lunch. Hecita Bay beach… Homemade Burgers on the beach, a couple games of frisbee that definitely ended when I launched the frisbee way up in a tree… And hours spent running up and down the beach… Playing in the waves… Baby bro and I found a sandbar that took us way out away from the shoreline out into the water near where the big waves were breaking before rushing over our shallow spot… Some of the waves were so much larger than we anticipated and before long our clothes were absolutely drenched. And our feet were SO numb… That water must have been imported directly from the Arctic Ocean!!! 😁 great fun tho… So many laughs with the little guy!

On our way back… we made a pitstop at Devil’s Churn… which ended up being hours of watching the waves crash on the rocks and shower the tide pools with fresh water and liven up all the little beings making the tide pools their home.

The water was ferocious in that area… smashing into the rocks with thunderous roar, sending massive spray up and out onto any unsuspecting individual too close to the edge… giving new meaning to the word churning as the water rushed into a narrow inlet between the rocks, seething and swooshing over the dark black basalt rocks in a rush of white water…



Some of the waves that crashed into the rocks were larger than others… and it was a bit of a guessing game to know whether it would be a large enough wave with the right angle to hit you with it’s spray… my brother and I got soaked at one point as we tried to pose for a picture with the water just behind us, as instead it rushed over us! But we didn’t get nearly as wet as one couple who posed for a picture and got drenched by the largest wave we’d seen all afternoon… and when they ran away from the water, and stopped again for another picture, an even bigger wave soaked them yet again! Oh the gorgeous unpredictability of nature!

 Next up: lighthouses!

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