Oregon Coast Part 3: Lighthouse on the Last Day

Mid August 2015

Our last day on the Oregon Coast was stormy… grey… and gorgeous! There is nothing quite like the ocean when it is moody!

We visited one of the most popular lighthouses on the Oregon coast… Yaquina Headlight… on a beautiful shoreline protrusion called Cape Foulweather. This day was just a little stormy… I can’t imagine how potentially terrifying but totally awe inspiring a major storm would be viewed from this point!

Dad and the baby bro got a lighthouse tour…

Mom and I walked down onto this amazing balsite rock beach.. the whole beach was round little black rocks that are essentially little drops of lava that cooled as it hit the cold ocean water once upon a time, turning into a little ball of molten rock.

There were heaps of tidepools along the beach… filled with anemones and crabs and little fish…

While we were standing up high on the cape… we saw grey wales surfaces off in the distance away from the shoreline. It was incredible!

 Nature amazes me!! Really!! Especially after a year of being exposed to almost nothing but rocks and dust and dry cliffs and sand dunes or very cultivated trees and grass… it’s amazing to see nature as it is… not enhanced by humans… vibrant and full of life!!!

We had a special dinner out on our last night in oregon, along the marina in newport. We saw fishermen cutting up big tuna and other fish… There were disgustingly smelly and noisy sea lions… Barking like dogs with bad colds and plugged noses… But yet so intriguing to watch… And the marina lit up at night was pretty lovely to walk along… Good way to end the trip!

On our return back to Canada… it was still windy and stormy on the drive back. We drove along miles of windswept coastline where the trees were flattened against the cliffs and hilly shoreline they clung to… where beaches were ever moving and constantly changing as the wind blew the sand along them and waves washed the sand in and out and up and down along the coast. We stopped at a couple beaches on the way back…  Beach number one stays nameless. Cuz I don’t know what it was called 😕


Beach number 2 was Manhattan Beach, I think…

Otherwise… the drive was pretty uneventful. I’m very proud to say that I finally finished reading Shatarum… and if you haven’t read it yet you most definitely should!! Proceed with caution though: it will make you want to visit India. Or travel. Anywhere! I’d been trying to get more than a couple pages into Shantarum for months (and not because it was boring but because I never had time to read it…), but now on vacation, I got to fully immerse myself in the story and luxuriate in a fabulous, imaginative, mind transporting book!

I did have a lot of thinking time on the drive back… trying to decide what to do with my life next. Should I stay or should I go??!!! That was the big question that weighed on my mind. Probably not a good question to have weighing on my mind when I was homesick for my nieces after only 6 days, and had been absolutely surrounded by the love of my family and the happiness of being together with them so closely for 6 days! A very anguished post came out of that. Which will actually never hit the blog. Anyways. No closer to a decision at present :S

But I have decided that I absolutely love Oregon and would most definitely consider it as a future home!!!! And if you’ve never been to the Oregon coast yet, I highly recommend a roadtrip! You can even go all the way down through California if you like!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics!



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