Mother Natures Glory

British Columbia, my home, is mother natures playground! It’s my happy place. Obviously I’m biased, but it truly is one of the most gorgeous places in the world to live. Being away from it from a year has really taught to me to appreciate the beauty of home so much more than I ever did before.

Every place is beautiful in its own way. But BC is particularly beautiful for its natural beauty. It’s tagline is “beautiful British Columbia” for a reason. The colours everywhere are unbelievably vivid and vibrant… Rich greens, shades of blue, deep Browns of rich earth and millions of trees… The darker purple shadow of the mountains… Puffy white clouds or streaks of white in otherwise clear blue skies…

There are mountains to hike and climb and explore… (upcoming post on some hikes I did at home…)

Lakes… So many lakes… Big and small… Sunny summer lake days spent on the beach, or floating… Or doing water sports like wakeboarding…


And then there’s the ocean too…

I had planned to do something active outdoors every single day… like a run or a hike… din’t quite pan out that way but I did run down the road 500m to my sisters house on a daily basis 😛

Regardless… I had some incredible outdoorsy days where I just fell in love with my home all over again.

There were many river walks with my sister and nieces. One which resulted in me slipping on a little mud down by the river and ending up with a very wet and muddy behind. My little niece Addison doesn’t easily forget that one! “Ammie walk wiwer? Ammie get wet?!” Too cute!!

I had a few solo river runs also, along my favorite trail along the Vedder river. Those runs are good for the soul. In the sunshine… along the windy trail… through the woods… over the occasional garter snake that decides to scare the pants off me and dart out across the trail just as I’m running by!  

And then there were a few bike rides with the baby brother. One of the best bike rides was actually on a rather grey day where it started to rain as we went along… It hadn’t rained at home in quite a long time (months in fact) and I hadn’t experienced a proper rainfall in many months more than that even!! So it was just so lovely to feel the raindrops on my skin… fresh and cool and cleansing…


And then… There were misty morning drives home from work… Calm, sunlit, serene views…


Looking back now several months later over all the pictures, I’m just awed by the beauty that surrounds me every day at home! So much peaceful and serene beauty… I’m a happier person at home not just because I’m with my family… but constantly being surrounded by these vivid but calming colours and naturally gorgeous scenes… it makes one happy and so at peace internally!

I feel like I should be a tourism ad for beautiful British Columbia… but really… I hope you get an opportunity to visit this beautiful place someday and find out why I call it my “happy place.”

Kayaking & Wine Tasting

Sometime in early September 2015, as leaves were beginning to change colours and the air was slightly crisper than usual…

Kayaking & Wine Tasting. Two complete opposites. But two completely awesome things to do on a sunny Monday in Vancouver!

Kayaking in Deep Cove. One of the best ways to spend a sunny morning/afternoon in the city! A friend and I rented kayaks and spent a blissful two hours paddling around the cove and along the shoreline around a few small little islands. Trying to avoid waves from boats that threatened to capsize us. It’s gorgeous here but I am not ok at all with how deep and dark the water is!!! There could be orcas aka killer whales in there for all I know and I am not at all keen to go swimming with them!!!!

IMG_1216Anyways. The sky was so blue, with small white fluffy clouds. And the coastline… steep cliffs lined with gorgeous oceanfront homes… covered with lush green foliage… a few trees with colorful leaves as it was nearly fall… found a couple brillinatly red maple leaves floating in the water as I paddled along.

Relaxing. Blissfully relaxing. Although kayaking uses some muscles I definitely haven’t used in ages!!!! And my hands are pretty delicate now and they weren’t so good with the constant rubbing motion of the paddles! But… absolutely worth it!!!

After kayaking… we needed food. And wine. Or a beer or two. And a cup of coffee probably. We might have stopped at 49th Parallel for Luckys Donuts… and the guise of a coffee stop 🙊 good excuse?!! Good enough for me! They didn’t have their fabulous maple bacon apple fritter this time which was crushingly disappointing… but the lemon/basil something or the other donut that I had was incredible!!!
Then, next stop… food and wine… Vancouver Urban Winery is a brilliant choice for both! Kari and I had both been raving about how much we loved our first time there… so we decided to hit it up again. But when we arrived, it was full! No problem…we added our names to the wait list and headed up the street to the Alibi Room for a pre-dinner beer… great selection on tap. Really cool place just right along the train tracks in Railtown.

Honestly, I love this so much about the city. The cool pubs/bars and restaurants. Just being able to walk up to whichever one I want to go to without worrying about if it has a family section… actually just being able to walk to a restaurant is amazing! And if it’s full… no need to worry… theres another one just down the street we can hang out until we can get into the place we really want to go to! And the freedom to order a drink! Any drink! With as little or as much blissfully delicious alcohol in it as I want… Small freedoms. Coming from the gal who is talking about moving back to Saudi Arabia where she doesn’t get to do any of that?!!! 

Lastly… just have to say. If you’re in Vancouver, check out Vancouver Urban Winery. Really great spot! Old building that’s been beautifully redone to still have the downtown city winery kind of vibe… fabulous food… and the wine selection is really great! Especially the wine flights! And I love that its pretty much all local stuff! And the environment is just really chill and mellow… I’m a huge fan!

Anyways. Super fab day. I missed girls days out like this!!!! (As I write this i’m currently trying to catch up before I start posting about my life back in Saudi… and seriously, I could use one of those wine flights!!!!! Can’t wait to get back and do it again!!!)