The Last Few days… at Home.

Its not often in our adult lives that we are gifted with 3 months vacation. Mine was definitely unplanned. 6 weeks max was the original plan. But someone had other plans for my life and those 6 weeks turned into 3 of the most beautiful months of my life. 3 months of family and friendship and a whole lot of love to rejuvenate my soul!

But… It had to come to an end eventually. I bit the bullet and made my decision to move back to Saudi… Contract was signed… Flights booked. And suddenly I had only one week left at home.

My family doubted that I would actually get on that plane… But I’d booked a stopover to see my best friend in Minneapolis… Also a strategy to ensure that I actually would leave. Because it made it easier to pretend I was just going on a little trip to Minneapolis and forget about the Riyadh part after that.

Anyways. It’s hard to describe what happens in that last week… A lot of tears. But part of me kind of switches into Riyadh mode and I just try to turn things off a little and get into leaving phase…

I tried to cram in as much time with the family as possible… But it’s never enough time when you’re leaving.

My most favourite memories of this week definitely evolve around my nieces… Especially my last afternoon with them when my sister and I took the girls for a walk by the river to go crunching through the fallen leaves. Addison and I were throwing leaves around and being generally silly… So cute to see her try to copy me by holding leaves by her face… Initially sticking the end of the leaves in her ears…

I had the loveliest dinner date with my sister… As much as I adore my nieces, it was so nice to have dinner with just my sister without precious kiddos interrupting our conversation constantly!

Thanksgiving Day was shortly before I left also… maybe a little more than a week. I was so thankful that this year I was actually home for it… with my family… because I think family is the most important thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day! That and all the ham and turkey and pumpkin pie 😛

A couple days before I left… Canadian elections were held… so my mom, dad, brother and I all went out together to vote and exercise a freedom that not everyone has in the world… and that people have worked so hard to get!

Enjoyed a few last fabulous bottles of wine…

Last few drives in my car…

All these simple things that I love but won’t be able to do for a good long while again…

And a few last family dinners… the best one… my sister (who is an amazing cook/baker by the way…) made a gorgeous pumpkin spice cheesecake… and we all sat around eating and drinking and talking and laughing… I miss those moments!!!

And then suddenly… definitely before I was ready… it was time for me to head off to the airport again… abandoning my family… again :S I think they understand it… at least I certainly hope they do!!

Relatively early in the morning… I headed off to the airport with mother dearest and baby bro… I’d already said all my goodbyes to the girls and my sister the night before. Goodbyes at the airport are so awkward… I can’t stand to say them… but I kind of just want to say it and get it over with so that I can go get a coffee past security and go hide in a little corner and cry… or snuggle up to a very life sized and Canadian looking bear!

And then… I was up in the air and flying away from my home yet again… Minneapolis bound for a day or so with my bestie… and then back to Saudi!

See you soon Saudi… Adventures await!!!! See you later Vancouver… and dearest family…

One thought on “The Last Few days… at Home.

  1. I’m literally moved. I hate it so much when it’s time to say bye to ppl you really love.
    I usually end up with tears when I leave my family & my trips are not a big deal usually delegation/business trips for 20 days or so.
    However, thanks to technology, you can stay in touch with your family much more as “cyber daughter”.
    Wish you a nice stay full of good memories & quality time.

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