Vietnamese New Year in Mai Chau

Feb 6 & 7, 2016

On New Years Eve… Vietnamese New Year that is… we headed out of our hostel pretty early in the morning and were driven a few hours up further north into the countryside to stay with a local Vietnamese family.

We stopped along the way at a little shop for coffee although we could have had some luscious wine with snake flavors… Amelia also found the cutest little kitten!

When we arrived at our home for the next 2 nights, there was a large group of other young people staying there that night from the hostel also. We all stayed on the 2nd floor of the families home on mats on the reed floor with mosquito netting… it was chilly and strange but calm and peaceful! Except for the high volume K-pop and karaoke that played all the time!

After a lunch with the rest of the hostel crew, we headed out on little mopeds and motorcycles provided by the home stay family and headed out to explore in the mountains and village a little. My moped had a little different feel from any type of motorbike I’ve driven before… And I’ve actually never driven a moped! I might have nearly crashed into the bushes beside the house when I started off, but I quickly got the hang of it! I rode one myself but Amelia jumped on the back with one of the other guys and we all headed out through the town and up to find a little waterfall and lake in the mountains surrounding the home stay.

The road initially was well paved and pretty safe… Moderately curvy but manageable. Eventually we ended up on more of a gravel/dirt road that often had large potholes we had to avoid! And it got really steep in some sections too! But we all survived and found the waterfall with minimal issues.

We walked down a steep, slippery path to the base of the waterfall. And it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!


From the waterfall we went a little further up the road where we found a great lookout looking over one of the lakes in the area. So blue and beautiful! And so sunny and warm up there! (It had been quite cool and grey-ish for most of our last few days so the sunshine and warmth was appreciated!)

There was a little village near the lookout that we walked through… There were so many little puppies in the village and they were ADORABLE! A bunch of them tried to follow the girls back to the lookout but eventually abandoned us to return to their mothers!

As it was getting late in the afternoon, so our group headed back to the village where we found a little bar with a rooftop patio overlooking the valley and we sat in the coolness and quiet and last bit of late afternoon sunshine drinking beer and watching the sun set behind the mountains of Mai Chau.

Once the sun set, we drove back in the dusk to our home stay to join in a huge Vietnamese New Year spread with our hosts and all their extended family.

We were seated in the families home on mats on the floor, clustered around many delicious dishes. Our host kept coming to our group to refill our tiny rice wine cups and toast the New YEAr. The extended family of our host arrived intermittently throughout the evening to share in food and drinks and every time some one new arrived, our host would introduce them to us, followed by a celebratory round of rice wine again!

The very special (and absolutely unappealing looking) rice wine came out at some point… It had some goat unmentionables in it and also part of a snake I believe. It was supposed to be for the men to give them special powers. It would probably just make me sick… But it was interesting to see this part of the culture! One of the guys was brave enough (or crazy enough) to try it.

After dinner… Hours later… We ended up downstairs again, listening to K-pop and the family sing karaoke… We even joined in at some point until we all got too cold and tired and tucked ourselves under our mosquito netting in bed to fall asleep to the sounds of our Vietnamese host partying the night away and singing their hearts out til the early morning hours.

The next morning, after breakfast, we headed back out on motorcycles to go check out a great lookout over the valley before we’d head back to Hanoi.

I loved riding those bikes around on the windy twisty hilly mountain roads. Makes me want to get my bike license at home and go motor biking more!!

The lookout was absolutely gorgeous!!! Even though the rice paddies were not filled with bright green stalks of rice, and were brown and muddy, the edges of each paddy were clearly demarcated and it was a beautiful sight regardless. The mountains were layered and faded out into the hazy blue sky… And it was stunning!

We had a great group shot at the top and then headed back down to leave for Hanoi again.


Back in Hanoi, all of us were staying at the same hostel so after some pre-drinks at the hostel… We went out in search of authentic street food… Looking for some great hot pot.

We found a tiny little place where we sat on those silly little plastic chairs with our knees around our ears… And cooked our on dinner in little hot pots on the table. It was DELICIOUS tho!!!

All of us were pretty wiped and in bed early after a crap sleep in the cold the night before, plus, Amelia and I were headed out early the next morning to the highlight of our whole trip… A 3 day tour of Halong Bay!!!!

But our home stay in Mai Chau was a wonderful way to spend the Vietnamese New Year and it was so great to be able to see rice paddies and the mountains and have a very authentic Vietnamese experience with the locals! They were such friendly people and it was incredible that they opened their home to us like that on such a special few days of the year!


Dubai Weekend Getaway

January 2016

What do you get when you combine a British Couple about to get married, living in the Middle East, with their friends from various other British Commonwealth countries?? A Dubai Hen-do/Stag-do party weekend!!

A close friend of mine from Riyadh got engaged last year, and with her nuptials coming up quickly… we wanted to get out and celebrate her last few months as a single lady. Plus… I’d been in Saudi for nearly 3 months already now without leaving once… I was definitely in need of a time out! And… a few of us had plans to leave Saudi Arabia for good at some point in the coming year. So, ultimately it was a combination of masalama parties (a couple of the crew were leaving Riyadh soon…and I was starting to consider handing in my resignation also), birthday celebrations, but largely a hen do/jack n’ jill/ bachelorette party.

6 of us, including the bride and groom, headed out of Riyadh one Thursday… Dubai bound! We checked into a hotel in the JBR where we all shared a lovely suite with a full kitchen and sitting area… Not that we used the kitchen for anything more than storing champagne and OJ and making mimosas 👌🏼

The squad hit up Meat Co for dinner on our first night in Dubai, at Dubai Souq Madinat Jumeirah… a resort built to look like an authentic Arabian city with bazaars and traditional Middle Eastern shopping built between lovely waterways that allow the resort to be explored by boat also. The souq offers stunning views of the Burj Al Arab and is gorgeous during the day but also at night!

Meat Co might be one of my favourite restaurants… they always have a fabulous wine menu and the steak is always fantastic! So over a couple bottles of wine, looking out at the Burj al Arab, gloriously lit for the evening, watching boats pass in the waterway, gentle background music (a luxury we rarely have in Riyadh that always indicates freedom to me!), slightly humid and vaguely cool early February weather… we had a wonderful dinner of friendship and great conversation!

After dinner, we walked around the souq to Trader Vic’s for very large cocktails in super funky cups… and a little dancing of course. What’s a hen-do without a good dance party?!

Friday morning, I woke up super early, and I wasn’t the only one! The bride and groom to be were also up already with the sunrise, so we took in a little fresh air and morning sunshine along The Walk Dubai and even dipped our toes in the water as we walked along Jumeirah Beach also. The sun was blissful and the water perfectly refreshing… it always amuses me to see the camels on the beach… such a stark contrast between the very modern high rise hotels and apartments in the background and the camel as such a traditional Arabic symbol.

Then… champagne o’clock!!!! Standard Friday fun in Dubai is never complete without a boozy brunch!!!

On the menu… the Bubbalicious Brunch at the Westin Hotel Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina!

I don’t even know where to start, but I’ve never seen such an incredible display of food!!!! And booze!! The setup was beautiful… wine and and a huge assortment of cheeses and meats and breads set on wooden benches and wine barrels, a sushi bar, a taco stand complete with margaritas and mojitos, a full pig roast, a Pimms stand, plenty of vodka options including watermelons filled with vodka/run, and even a burger joint… and a gorgeous display for Hendricks gin!! There was even a dark room with all sorts of glow in the dark food and fun!! And our glasses were constantly being refilled with champagne… and I think we tried a few too many of the drinks options… but hey. It was fun!!! So much laughter and just relaxing in the sunshine, palms waving overhead, a view of the ocean in the distance…

And after our liquid lunch(I mean after we were sufficiently stuffed with food!) and brunch closed down, we headed to the disco at the Westin for some old school tunes and more fun. Singing and dancing with the girls… tequila shots for the girls back in Riyadh… it was so much fun!

Being the rookie bruncher that I am… I probably needed a little nap after brunch and the disco… and that nap might have turned into a full on snooze that lasted til the rest of the crew showed up back at the hotel at midnight!!! Not sure where they all went while I was sleeping but they clearly had a good time!  A couple of us headed back up to the hotel rooftop bar to finish the night with a last drink and beautiful view of Dubai!

The next morning… I didn’t have to leave Dubai on Saturday until quite a bit later in the day, so I woke up and went for a lengthy run/walk through the Dubai marina and along Jumeirah Beach. Spending so much time in Saudi, not having the freedom to get up and run out my door, only being able to run freely in compounds or in the Diplomatic Quarters, always means I’ll take advantage of any opportunity to run on vacation outside of Saudi!! And the Dubai Marina is always gorgeous… whether walking around and people watching, or actually seriously getting a sweat on and running it fast! Although I always seem to forget how much more humid Dubai is than I think it is!!!!! Doesn’t take much to work up a sweat!

We finished off the morning with a little shopping and wander through the Walk again… checking out the little market held at the end of the walk every weekend… the outdoor gym… and the seriously awesome whips parked curbside along the walk…

And… last order of business before we all headed out to the airport… a trip to Dubai is never complete without a stop at Barasti… and we all needed lunch and pre-Riyadh drinks!!!

Anyways… that was pretty much the last of my big Dubai weekend… Last thought, is that I will never fly Flynas again. (sorry friends who work for Flynas!) Here is my little review of Flynas. Not worth the cheaper flight… the lines are SUPER long and completely unorganized!! Rather than line up by destination, its just a bulk line for all Flynas flights with airline agents constantly coming along and calling out for people still waiting to check in for flights leaving too soon for them to make it though the whole line! And those of you who life/have lived in the middle East know the frustration and ridiculousness of queues(that really aren’t queues at all) here! Plus… no booze in the Flynas terminal! couldn’t even get a drink to relax after the frustration of dealing with the check-in lines. Not cool.

Fortunately… I had a flying pal so it wasn’t so bad 🙂 And made it to Riyadh just dandily in time to get home for a decent sleep before heading back to work for 5 days before 2 weeks vacation in Vietnam with my bestie!!!!!

And… super excited for my friends to get married in May! Vacation time is booked off to attend the wedding!!

xx. Vietnam adventures upcoming. Stay tuned.

Expat Holiday Season #2


Christmas and New Year 2015

Holiday Season #2 away from home… A year ago, I didn’t really expect that I’d be spending another Christmas and New Years in Saudi Arabia… But here I am. And it’s not so bad at all again.

This Christmas, I think what I appreciated the most, was the response from some of my patients and colleagues. Even though many of them do not celebrate Christmas, many of my patients who spoke English, wished me a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. I had several conversations with patients who shared with me how they celebrate with their children (from a non-religious perspective), and how they really appreciate the joy and cheerfulness of the season and of their nurses who are celebrating the special day.

Despite being far from home, again I was surrounded by people I love and care deeply for… my Saudi family… the group of amazing friends I’ve been blessed to get to know over the past year…

I think being completely removed from the commercialism of the holiday season in North America actually gives us a much more natural and real holiday experience! There is absolutely no evidence that Christmas is near in Saudi Arabia… Starbucks doesn’t sell Christmas drinks… the shops aren’t filled with overwhelming rows of toys and candy canes and all sorts of goodies (not more than they usually are anyways)… there’s no tacky holiday music playing in the shops/malls… and life is generally just proceeding as is usually does. We have to look so hard to find simple decorations and ways to celebrate.

But we, being deprived of all the typical Christmas atmosphere, appreciate the little bits we do have and manage to commercialize our Christmases pretty well actually. The terribly tacky plastic Christmas trees that pop up in some remote little corner in a grocery store… the thin little string of lights someone manages to rummage up and string around their room…

And then there’s the compound Christmas markets… where everyone visiting the compound was in full holiday spirit and I LOVED walking around the booths finding saudi versions of Christmas cards… (comical camels with tinsel and lights)… fridge magnets… camel tree ornaments, etc.

And there are always plenty of events to celebrate the season…

The US Marines held an ugly Christmas sweater party…  (which I don’t have any pics of unfortuantely due to no cellphones at embassy rules…)


And of course… Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a red and green run… so we ran in full holiday spirit… red/green clothing if we could find it… jingle bells on our shoes… even got the crew (the running lemons and associates) together for a Christmas tree red/green run photo…

Another pre-Christmas party… With more excitement over finding Christmas decorations in play…

And then finally… It was Christmas weekend and Christmas eve at work… it was Thursday afternoon… and when our shift ended, we all tucked ourselves into a back room where we set up a massive international cuisine potluck and a secret santa gift exchange… it was so amazing to be able to celebrate with all my beautiful colleagues from around the world… New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, the UK, Spain, Canada, America…

When we finally finished work for the day, and for the week, Amelia and I set off to a friends compound to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning together with the people we love most in Saudi. It was a super chill evening of hurried present wrapping, tucking presents under the tree, and finally getting cozy on couches to fill our bellies with cheesy pizza and watch the ultimate Christmas movie… Home Alone (can you believe I’d actually never seen it yet?!!!)

I fell asleep feeling so content… Listening to the rain patter on the roof… Making it seem so much cozier and winterier… So that it hardly even seemed like we were in Saudi Arabia.

I was bounced out of bed by my excited bestie for Merry Christmas morning hugs… Wearing the reindeer onesie I got her so we could be twinsies in our onesies on Christmas morning 🙂  I baked scones with cream and jam for breakfast… And together we all opened all the presents we’d set under the tree.  My heart was so happy. I couldn’t ask for better people to spend a Christmas away from home with. So blessed!!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a big Christmas lunch with the same fabulous “family” we shared Christmas with last year… We all contributed to a massive feast with all the usual Christmas fixings (aside from ham :S)… Christmas cupcakes… A whole lot more presents to open thanks to Secret Santa… And time spent just hanging out, catching up, and singing Karoke…

And finally… A Boxing Day dinner with my flat mate and a couple other dear friends… (I feel like all I did was eat Christmas weekend!!! But isn’t that just like Christmas in North America?! :S) And I must say… It sure felt cold enough to be Christmas too!!! The pool might look lovely… But really it’s frigid!! (And frigid does mean less than 10 degrees mid-winter in Saudi!!)

And then… About a week after Christmas… It was New Years Eve… I rang in the New Year with singing and joy, confetti, and a whole lot of happiness and laughter with my flat mate!!! Way different, much more peaceful vibes for my New Years celebration this year… But my heart was so content to spend it in a meaningful way!!

And to start off the New Year… I ended up waking up relatively early and going for a run with a couple friends… In the cool morning air around the Diplomatic Quarters… Finishing at Pancake House for coffee and omelets and pancakes. All in good company. And starting off our New Years resolutions right on the first of January yet too??!! (Don’t think I actually made any fitness resolutions but if I did… What a great way to start!!!!)

Breaking a World Record with 10KSA

December 12, 201d5

The big day. Finally. So much planning and preparation and stress… but I think we’re ready to break a world record!!!

I was so excited to start this day and bring awareness to the women of Saudi and empower them… and help them break a world record!

I checked into Princess Noura University Sports Complex by 0800 with all my First Aid Team… A team of nurses and doctors from the university hospital would be joining us later in the day.

The day started out gorgeous (ended beautifully also!). The winter sun was out… warming us gently as the temperature wasn’t much above 10 degrees.

First thing, we signed in, got our 10KSA sweaters… and then went to the First Aid center and attempted to organize first aid supplies… which we didn’t have and wouldn’t have for hours yet until the University Hospital opened up and our physician and her team of nurses would bring them. I was seriously stressing that we wouldn’t get the first aid supplies and I was praying we wouldn’t have any emergencies before supplies arrived, and hopefully no emergencies at all! but with 10,000+ women scheduled to arrive, it seemed unlikely that would we end the day without any issues.

Mid-morning we put all our planning on hold to meet together with all the other volunteers (at least 2000 women!!) for an beautiful message from our fearless leader Princess Reema. So excited to start the event and start seeing people come around!)

Much of the morning and early afternoon was spent just wandering around the facility before the event actually started… checking out all the displays and booths and the various areas. There an Awareness Zone (where all the booths on health and wellness were set up), Nutrition (all the food… some of it was seriously gourmet!!!), Active (basically a full on gym set up with yoga center, spin class, zumba/dance classes, and active wear/food products, etc!), and finally the Fun Zone where Luxury Events had set up a photobooth, a carnival, clothes/artsy things to purchase, as well as a beautiful group painting women could participate in… it was lovely.

My favorite place was the Active Zone… the decoration was incredibly well done. And there was constantly music and laughter coming from within the zone as women participated in the various fitness classes…

At one point late in the afternoon when I actually had time to walk around and enjoy everything, the sun was setting over the Active zone and the sun shining through all the gauze and streamers and wooden supports… it was gorgeous!

I spent the whole day, from 0800 to nearly 2400 rapidly walking from one end of the sports complex to the other. Our main First Aid center was in the sports complex building at the far end, and completely at the other end of the complex was the Stadium where we had our main first aid outpost.

Finally… the most important part of the event… the highlight of the whole day.. the formation of the Worlds Largest Human Health Awareness ribbon. Around 7pm, women started lining up to be counted to go into the stadium to form the ribbon. Hundreds of volunteers had been recruited and trained to help with ribbon formation… they’d been scurrying around for hours getting organized… but trying to organize roughly 10,000 women is a monumental task! But they did so well!! The first aid volunteers joined all the women in the stadium, helping the other volunteers get the women organized in the ribbon, as well as being accessible in case of emergency.

There was beautiful inspirational music playing and the 10KSA theme song…

All the women were given pink tarha’s to wear to cover their heads… the Tarhas were beautiful with gorgeous Saudi themed prints on the ends… and the pink was a gorgeous fuschia color!!

I joined the ribbon also just before the final count… standing there with hopefully 10,000 women, united in anticipation… united in the uniqueness of our position in Saudi Arabia and the significance of this day and this moment for women… united in support of one another to raise awareness for a disease that devastates us all in some way… filled with hope…

Finally, the most inspirational moment of the day… the representative from Guiness World Records went on stage and presented Princess Reema and the women of Saudi Arabia with… the new world record!!!! 8,264 participants… the worlds largest human health awareness ribbon. And it was all women. All women living in Saudi Arabia… at this moment crushing the stereotype of a country known for its repression of women… a country filled with so many of the strongest and most ambitious and dedicated and inspirational women I’ve ever met.


To be part of that moment… standing there with 8,264 women celebrating our strength and celebrating women coming together to empower each other and raise awareness about a horrific disease that impacts every single one of us in some way. My heart was so full. These women are incredible. And I am so blessed to have been a part of this day… and to see into their lives in this country…

Of all the opportuniities I’ve had in Saudi Arabia and the amazing experiences… this one is by far the best. I’ll never forget how it felt to stand there with all those women… I’ll never forget the beautiful women who organized the event and how they inspired me with their courage and strength… We are blessed. Truely blessed.


Riyadh Half Marathon

December 4, 2015

Since returning back to Riyadh at the end of October, I’d not been overly active, but I had participated in a couple runs with the Riyadh Road Runners. And suddenly, it was time for their annual Half Marathon.

I’d hardly trained at all. Actually, let me clarify. I’d not trained at all for a half marathon. I’m an average runner. I run a couple 8-10kms runs a few times a week during a good running spell. But I’d not been running regularly for months now!

But hey, I’m totally game for a challenge. Plus, I had friends to run with. And how cool is it to run a half marathon out in the desert?!!!

It was a fresh cool morning as we headed out of the city to Dirab Golf Course where the race would be held. I was a bundle of nerves. But so pumped!

The air was fresh and clean and the grass was so green as we walked through the golf course, jittering in anticipation of the start.


And then… before I knew it… we were off!! We ran a couple kms through the golf course before turning left down a long road with a gentle incline to the top of a hill, sharp escarpments rising up ahead of us in the near distance… turning back the way we came before turning left again to run out over another not so gentle hill to the end of the course before returning back to the start… to do it all over again as that was just one roughly 10km lap of 21.1km total!


That last hill was such a challenge. Silly me forgot my energy snacks for along the race so I was just completely out of energy, it was getting pretty warm in the sun at that point… and I don’t know how I kept going through it…

But finally I was on the home stretch… running up those last 500 meters or so… the finish line (and the clock in sight..) it was almost 2hours and 10 minutes and I so badly wanted to be under 2:10… so I dug deep and found some untapped energy source… and busted out a sprint to the finish line… to finish in 2:09:44 !!!!!!

I’ve never felt an endorphin rush quite like the one that comes from finishing a first major race… with a time you’re happy with… out in the desert… it was incredible and I feel so lucky to have been a part of that race!!!

Now… to plan for and train for the next one… definitely stepping it up to a full marathon next!

Expat Thanksgiving Days

October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my Canadian friends celebrating with me… and to all my friends around the world… regardless of whether you celebrate this day or not.

We have so much to be thankful for in this life and I think it is amazing to have a day set aside specifically to give thanks!

Back home…. I’d be going to church in the morning with my family and then enjoying a massive Thanksgiving dinner with my dad’s side of the family… usually 20-40 people!! Ham… Turkey…. mashed potatoes… sweet potatoes… veggies… salads… pumpkin pie… WINE!!! Ohhh I’m absolutely salivating now…

Unfortunately… no family dinner today for me. At least not with my “blood family”.

Instead… I get to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with some of my amazing new friends out here in Riyadh… and that’s something to be thankful for for sure!

I get 2 Thanksgiving dinners actually. And I got to play street hockey on Canadian Thanksgiving Day yet too!! (Or Thanksgiving weekend I should clarify!) How typically Canadian is that?!!! It was amazing!!


On October 13, actual Thanksgiving Day, I went out for dinner with my friend Sarah (who is also Canadian) to a little French restuarant and had a completely non-typical Thanksgiving dinner… pasta and cake and beautiful non-alcoholic cocktails… It was a cute place with little book nooks and chandeliers and pretty colored walls…


And to top it all off… we discovered Tim Hortons #2 in Riyadh!! On Tahlia Street (which is pretty crazy close to the hospital)… we definitely enjoyed a Double Double after dinner!!! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day to us!!!

imageBut the best Thanksgiving dinner was at Riyadh village… proper dinner. The weekend before Thanksgiving Day. With Turkey and mashed potatoes and veggies and cranberrry jelly… and pumpkin pie!!!


All with a bunch of really good friends… sipping beverages around the pool… chatting and relaxing and getting to know each other a little bit more…imageimage

And then singing out hearts out on the car ride home… it was beautiful!!!

While I miss my family back home terribly on a special day like today… I am so extremely grateful to have this opportunity to be out in Saudi Arabia, immersed in a culture so completely unfamiliar to mine and loving it! Learning so many new things in my job… Learning a new language… Meeting new people daily from all walks of life and countries all around the world… Having heaps of fun… Playing sports I’ve never played before in my life and having a great time… Like hockey… Running with some really cool people (Had my first race this weekend actually!!!) … and having the opportunity to travel the world… it really is incredible!!! And most of all… I am so thankful to have the support of my family back home. For them to love me and to feel that love even across the distance and to know that they’re always there for me no matter what. I am truly blessed!!!

As we would say here in Saudi Arabia… Alhumdulillah (Thanks be to God).

As Christians we say, “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Psalm 136:1 “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…” Ephesians 5:20

A very happy belated Thanksgiving Day to anyone reading this… I hope that every day is a day you’re thankful for… and I hope that each day is filled with beauty and light, hope and love!

Much love…


Riyadh’s Got Talent

September 12, 2014

Riyadh’s Got Talent. Really. It does!! And my co-workers are extremely talented!

On the menu for this weekend’s fun times is: a talent show… to raise money for the Healing Hands Foundation in the Philippines.


A few of my coworkers sing/play in a band called the Phat Ninjas. And they’re amazing!! They were playing at the talent show… So I got tickets and went to go see them sing/play at the West Campus Hall on the King Faisal Hospital grounds.

I joined a whole bunch of friends there who I either work with or play hockey with… and it was so great to see everyone all dressed up and having a good time!!

image image image

Eventually we were bound to get a good picture! Haha. Love these two ladies!!! (Kelly… the girl in the middle, is supremely talented and played the piano, guitar, sings fabulously, and probably more that I don’t know about yet!)


Andy and Kelly… two of the band members… both Radiation Therapists… wonderfully talented musicians and just generally amazing human beings!!!! Never a dull moment when they’re around!!

imageimageNow to the really good stuff… the music!!! The Phat Ninjas were amazing! Really! They played a fantastic version of Armin Van buuren’s very popular song “This is What it Feels Like” as well as some Lady Gaga. And a whole bunch more that I unfortunately wasn’t able to stick around for…


There was a rather hilarious moment when, at the exact moment I reached up to take a massive group selfie, the lights went out and the music stopped… bit of an electrical/power failure. Apparently we were too electric to handle??

Below… with lights and music…


Then… Sans music or fun colorful electric lights…


Anyways… this was a bunch of the crew at Riyadh’s Got Talent. Oh I thoroughly enjoy this group of people! I am so blessed to have met them all and become friends with them!!


Ahh… it was a lot of fun! Stayed tuned for more talent from Riyadh… more jam sessions and music headed your way!!

Much love,